LeafedOut application


You might think that LeafedOut app is just a copycat website that imitates Weedmaps or Leafly but you are wrong.

Unlike the sites or apps like these, LeafedOut is user-centric. This company does not only focus on the business-to-business relationship but also on the peer-to-peer communication. Unlike their competitors like Leafly and Weedmaps, LeafedOut encourages users to create their own profile. In fact, in the world of cannabis, this app is the first p2p networking site.

According to the founder of the app, the main goal of the LeafedOut’s services is to help the small startups in the cannabis industry. They also want these people to see themselves as law-biding individuals amidst the controversy of marijuana in the market.

Even though the app focuses on the small players, the big players are welcome to use the app too. LeafedOut advocates marijuana activism. The founder of LinfedIn dedicated much of his resources to provide services that enable the marijuana community to meet and connect. For him, this company is not just business; it is also a service.

LeafedOut takes pride in its fast anonymous, free, safe, and real-time services which are accessible to any device. Signing up is free. The user may choose not to provide his personal details.

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One can take advantage of some of the features of the app without signing up just like previewing the profiles of users in the nearby area and being able to use the real-time map. The company takes pride in getting rid of the middle person to focus on direct communication.

However, the user has to sign-up if one wants to take advantage of the messaging features and to see the full profile of the users. One does not have to worry about disclosing any information because signing up is free and anonymous.

Currently, there are already thousands of enthusiasts using the site. Their platform is user-friendly.

One user just has to go to the browser and app and search keywords like “cannabis near me”. The search engine will return the lists of user profiles using a map. These profiles are usually those people located in the nearby area. The user may choose to communicate by sending a message.

To protect the users, LeafedOut does not want its users to post their contact information on their profile page. If one wants to have his or her contact information to be posted on the page, this user has to ask for approval first.

They encourage all the users to report spammers and the other users who promote inappropriate and illicit contents.

LeafedOut emphasizes that they cannot be held liable to anything that can happen in life. What the company can only do is warn the users and remind them to do their own research by checking the reviews.

The company makes it clear that they are a networking solution. They emphasize that they do not charge fees in any of their users’ transactions. For this reason, the LeafedOut app is completely legal. You do not have to worry about the lawsuit because LeafedOut does not sell any product or services. They are just a networking platform.